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Nerdbomber’s Hunt For The Nerdz (hints)

EVOL Walk on  in and take a look upward…

[BAIT] i will be your gift

[NV] nekovampi Another day at the office.

~.:.Hysteria.:.~ “Peekaboo”, said the skeleton.

CrackBerry Near the hallway

::::Woody End:::: It’s cloudy today

Sour Pickels You can search high and low but this plant aint talking

Love Me Brutal Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] “I’m laying on the rug”

10 [SODAPOP] Vinyls are my passion.

11 Sweet’n’tart Skins & More May angels lead you on…

12 Silenced Yikes Stripes

13 V Tattoo Store Like a rainbow, the gold is in the end of the store.

14 ::Label.Me.Inc.:: no hint given.

15 Endless Search both rooms, & Don’t forget the CORNERS of your eyes.

16 Sonic Death Monkey no hint given.

17 [BedlaM] “NO SOUP FOR YOU”

18 Bella’s Designs Watch it lower with more people

19 Crazy Cakes Toybox Dont Sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me

20 Baily Studio Find the Single easel, and find your prize with singular ease!

21 GRUMBLE Try your hand.

22 ¡sqooq Sit back, relax…this won’t hurt a bit.  ;D

23 LinK Designs I must hide… For I am such a fashion nerd misfit… Try something black where this bomb would fit in perfectly without being seen!

24 .::Pink Sugah::. no hint given.

25 [Monochrome] no hint given.

26 Jerry Nimo SimBoarding All signs point to this being easy (remember to read)

27 Dreamland Designs going somewhere????

28 >>> Blue Buddha Club Supplies <<< no hint given.

29 ::My Happy Place:: The little Birdies said……

30 *wackadoo* no hint given.

31 enLightened Space Invaders

32 JE Club Equipment Full of hot air!

33 Joe’s Ink no hint given.

34 Piercing Affair no hint given.

35 ~PiNkMaReS HoUsE~ i am hidden and lonely with a dancing doll in mares theatre wont you please come be a puppet with me?

36 ~*marret*~ red water will help you 🙂

37 *** Ka’Z Fashion *** Ready for pool?

38 :Asylum: Smoking is a fire hazard

39 HerBerry Nerds love to use the computer, if you use the computer in the store, you will find your gift…

40 Deadly Poetic Gaga has a wiener

41 CatZaZZ its curtains for you….ummm wheres the curtains

42 REPULSE spineless

43 ::MORTALITY:: Sit back, relax and prop up your feet.

44 Condemned Designs This does NOT Bring Youth… Sorry…*

45 The Land of Nodd In the company of heroes.


47 …:::CARPE DIEM KREATIONS:::… Look for the freebie stuff in the Agency, dont look low but look high

48 ScatterBraiN Customs In keeping with the Geneva Convention, we have planted the bomb in a soley Military Target.

49 EB Rooms Home Furnishings Always in the office

50 STAKEY Can I have a gift box?



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Hunt Mania….

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing awesome today. Sorry I haven’t posted in a week or so. I have been working on some up coming hunt items…I am in so many hunts coming up so be on the lookout for these great hunts…


All these hunts start on April 1st.


Pictured Below

Here are my hunt items for these awesome hunts.

On Dharma

EVOL TEBH Polka Dot Bunneh Outfit and EVOL Happy Birthday Hunt Zebra Skin EarthTone

On Pebbles

EVOL Why So Blue Dress Outfit And  EVOL Happy Birthday Hunt Zebra Skin EarthTone


In other news, The Hunt for the Nerds is still on so if your interested in joining drop me a note card.  ☺


Have a wonderful day everyone..I will be back soon with some more updates. ☺




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And so it grows….

Hiiiii Everyone,

Hope your all having a awesome day…sorry no picks in this post just an update…Ive been working on a few new outfits for the store and well ill post some newness up soon…

Hunt Update

We are just a few days into accepting applications for the hunt…As it stands right now we have 18 awesome stores already signed up…These stores cover a variety of shops from Men, Women and Kids….and furniture as well…I cant wait to see who else will be joining us to show their inner nerd….If your interested in the hunt please refer to the hunts tab on the NerdBomberz main page.

Have a super awesome day everyone….




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First Annual Hunt for the Nerdz

NerdBomberz presents The First Annual Hunt for the Nerdz.

This hunt is for any nerds out there male or female. Start location will be at the EVOL main store and Nerdbomberz official home The Dollhouse Mall. If you are interested in being a vender for this hunt please send the following info to me (Dharma Charisma)  in a note card inworld. Label the note card HFTN (store name) (your name) and i will get back to you asap. This hunt is open for any  creators in SL as long as the hunt gift is your own creation and does not violate TOS. Try to keep the items PG based for kid and teen.  Items must be nerd based and either male/female or unisex.


Your Name:

Store Name:

Store LM:

Store SLURL:

Sim Rating:

Idea of gift you might make:


Thanks so much for your interest . The Nerd Bomber Group chat will be open during the hunt for help. Applications due in by april 1st or untill hunt is full.



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