Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief

Hello Everyone,
This isn’t going to be a very happy post. Hopeful but 
not happy.On April 27th 2011, there were major storms 
that ripped through the southeast of the United States. 
The hardest hit area was the state of Alabama. Alabama 
is my home. I currently split my time living between 
two residents one in Atlanta GA and the other in 
Birmingham AL but Alabama is and will always be home. 
I’m going to make this short  because quite honestly 
I really don’t like thinking about it. The morning 
after the tornado I had no clue what was going on. 
I checked my phone and had some missed calls. I listened 
to the messages and was like what is going on. Ahhh a 
tornado, I said, cant be to bad we have them all the time. 
I couldn’t have been more wrong. I started to read the 
reports about the storm and began to panic. Not only had 
my hometown been hit but several other communities I am 
very close to as well. 
   After a few hours I had heard from my immediate family 
and close friends. They were all safe, however my extended 
family were not. We lost a cousin and his son on my uncle’s 
side of the family. My best friends neighbor was killed. 
My other best friends father’s house was split in half by 
a tree being thrown on it. I can go on and on but quite 
frankly it is very painful for me to think of all the mess 
and the death count. I still do not know how many people I 
know have been affected. I go back to Birmingham this 
Wednesday so I’m sure seeing it first hand will not be easy. 
   So, why am I writing this and telling you about all this 
sadness. Well, because I have a huge favor to ask. The 
clean up from this is going to be major and a lot of 
people are going to need help. So, a fundraiser has been 
set up by  Brutus Martinek of Pididdle. 
Below is the original post from Brutus.

On Wednesday, April 27th, a wave of tornadoes swept across Alabama, and other southern states, causing devastation and hundreds of fatalities.
Alabama has lost close to 300 people so far to this disaster, and others are still missing.
Thousands of homes have been destroyed, and have left people displaced and struggling to find shelter and even the most basic of necessities.

I know everyone is busy, and coming up with exclusives and organizing all of it takes time. I also want those who are not designers/creators in sl to be able to help as well.
With that being said, we will be holding a yard sale. This will consist of donated items being sold, of which ALL profits will go to the Red Cross 2011 Alabama Tornado Response.
I, Brutus Martinek, will provide full reciept proof that every cent went to Alabama’s local Red Cross.

Donated items can consist of transferable items you have, but don’t want anymore.. or if you are a content creator you may put something out that you have created.
All proceeds from any of these sales will 100% be donated.

If you would like to participate, send me (Brutus Martinek) a notecard with your name, and what you will be donating.
Transferable items you no longer want, content created by you, or both.
I will then send you full information on what the next step will be.

All transferable items will be checked to
ensure they are not copybotted, or previous freebies.

Feel free to invite anyone you know to do participate, everyone is welcome!

– Brutus Martinek 


So Please, Think about joining us is helping to rebuild 
Alabama and the surrounding areas. Every linden will 
help. I thank you all for your time.


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