Random Look of the Day and a few Shout Outz to Cuteness!!

Hello NerdBomberz….

I hope your all having an amazing day…I decided to give a few shout outs today to some awesome peeps I know in Sl. First up is J-Rock Cafe…It is a totally awesome little cafe owned by my friend and SL bro Naobu Soup. Drop By and check it out. Naobu is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I lub him to bits.

To Visit J-Rock Cafe Click here:


(The picks of me below were made at J-Rock Cafe)


So, on ward to the look of the day. . .

My Kawaii Usagi Look…giggles…

The Goods

Hair: BC322

Shoes: Damaged Rose

Necklace: Lacie Cakes – Symphony NomNom

Arm Warmers: Deviant Style

Dress, Leggings, Skin, Ears: EVOL



This is Fekona she is the owner of Damaged Rose. Today I went to her store to check it out for the upcoming hunt and decided she was just to cute not to blog. Her store is awesome btw and she is very sweet to boot….

you can visit her store at:


or shop on the market at:



The Goods on Fekona

Elf Ears Set #1 Gothic by Damaged Rose
Boho Earrings necklace and bracelet from Damaged Rose
Moon Boots Magenta by Damaged Rose
unreleased Ouija board necklace from Damaged Rose
Decision outfit (pants and shirt) from Secret Passion
Cindy Streaked – crow Hair from Truth
Eyes 13 by unBra
Riddler Skin Earth by EVOL
Broken Lip Tattoo by EVOL


This is June…Isn’t she just to adorable. June has been a friend of mine for a very long time in Sl and I love her to bits. I have always thought June was one of the cutest kid avi’s in SL. So, I just had to blog her cuteness….

June has a store in SL aswell.

You can visit it at:


The Goods on June and her mum Diamond

On Diamond:

Outfit – Nadas*Snake Pants Outfit by Nada Daviau

Boots – Bombast Boots (snake) by amandine Arai

Hair – DH*Brooklynn – Caramel Brown by Aleri Darkes

On June:

Skin – LAQ Imani 02

Outfit – Spoiled Brat

Hair –  Rosy Mood hair / skip (red)


Music of the Day


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